Argonauta Hotel

The Argonauta Hotel is a charming place, located on the Greek island of Paros. While this small island does not garner the media attention of places such as Santorini or Mykonos, a trip to this smaller island is completely worth it for any Mediterranean itinerary.

Hotel Details:

Name: Argonauta Hotel
Location: Parika, Paros – 844 00, Greece
Closest Airport: Paros National Airport (PAS) – Rebuilt as of July 25th 2016
Rooms: 16


Lobby of the Argonauta Hotel

At 16 rooms there isn’t much of a line-up to check-in at the hotel, however, keeping in mind that this is the Greek Islands, you’ll need to set your expectations accordingly. Things move a half a step slower here, so pop in, let the owners know you’re here and they’ll take care of you. If they need additional time to get your room ready, leave your checked luggage here and head around the corner to the bakery for some fresh pastries.

The Room:

Argonauta Hotel - the Balcony View
The view from our balcony: Overlooking the best bakery in Parika

Small hotels bring the added benefit of unique and charming rooms, and the Argonauta hotel is no different. Finished in all white, the room is complete with a modest sized bedroom with a simple yet very functional bathroom. We stayed in a double room with a double bed and a balcony but singles and triples are also available. (Tip: All the double and triple  rooms have a balcony of some sort).

Smaller rooms are the norm in Europe so don’t go in expecting a 500 square foot mini-apartment and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the room can be for your visit. The bedding was very soft and comfortable to sleep on and the mattress was easy on the back.

It was incredible how clean the room was – from top to bottom there was no evidence of dirt or grime, and the bathroom was impeccably clean. Speaking of the bathroom, the style here is a little different to what you might be used to – basically the retaining “wall” containing the shower stall is very low, so its easy for the water to get out and onto the floor. Use the curtain to your advantage!

The Area:

Paros Island

The Argonauta Hotel is located in the Parika district which is the capital of Paros and is also the home of the ferry port. Situating yourself in this area guarantees that you’ll have access to great restaurants, activities, services and amenities. Being a few minutes walking distance from the port is extremely useful in getting you from Paros to the next island quickly and without additional cost.

The streets are built in charming cobblestone and are a maze of winding routes for you to explore. You can see beautiful churches, explore small shops as well as take in a meal at one of the many restaurants along the boardwalk.

Since Paros was the first stop on our Greek Islands tour, we took the opportunity to relax for a couple of days and explore the island at our own pace. On our second to last day, we rented a scooter and dune buggy (yep, you can rent those) and explored just about the entire island. Paros is a very small island, so getting around it all was easy. If you’re a couple, try out the dune buggy as it lets you get off the beaten path (respecting other’s property of course) and have some open air fun.

On your way around the island, you should definitely take a stop at the windmill. There are a few places to pull over safely and you can’t leave the island without getting an iconic picture of the windmill (our was with eh ferry in the background). You’ll look touristy doing it, but hey – you’re a tourist so why not!

Final Thoughts:

When we look back at all the islands we visited in Greece, Paros will always have a place at the top of that list. The charm, the people and the beautiful scenery would keep us coming back any time we visit Greece in the future. The Argnonauta Hotel was a large part of that experience – the owners made us feel at home and like family. Its central location and distance to the ferry made it the practical choice, however the small boutique experience made our stay memorable. If you stay in Paros, the Argonauta Hotel is a great choice.


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