Agalia Luxury Suites

Agalia Luxury Suites is a boutique hotel on the small Greek island of Ios which was another stop on our Greek Islands journey. The hotel itself is located on a hillside, overlooking the bay and Yialos Beach.

Hotel Details:

Name: Agalia Luxury Suites
Location: Tzamaria, Ios Island, Cyclades, Greece
Closest Airport: None on the island but Santorini Airport (JTR) is one island over
Rooms: 16 (3 with a private pool, 3 with a pool and jacuzzi)


16 rooms seems to be a magic number in the Greek islands as this was the same as our hotel in Paros earlier in the trip. This time around it was quite different. We called ahead to the hotel, letting them know of our arrival and the owners graciously sent a van to come and pick us up! Check-in itself was very informal as we had arrived on the hotel’s opening day of the season. The owner introduced us to her friends and family, then invited us over for a cocktail to celebrate the opening day. While we were speaking with the other people at the bar, we were notified that our room was ready and our luggage was taken immediately to our suite.

The Room:

Agalia suites room
Can you say “wow”?

The suites of the hotel were mostly arranged around the pool area so it was odd that we were being walked down some steps to what seemed like another part of the hotel. The stairway opened up to a beautiful private pool and we walked into a room that made us pause. The picture above does not do it justice as it was taken from a position 1/3rd in from the entrance – but what a sight! On the left was a daybed, suspended from the ceiling and a floating King-sized bed in the middle of a stylishly decorated suite.

The bathroom was equally impressive if not more – spanning almost the length of the entire room and decorated with as much care as the main room. On the right was a large jacuzzi fit for two and then some, followed by a double sink and a glass-encased shower. We’ve not seen a bathroom this grand at most hotels in North America and here it was – on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Well done.

The private pool area included a patio and an outdoor dining area with a private view of the bay. If we had gone nowhere else in Ios, the Agalia Luxury Suites would have made it a fantastic trip alone. The luxurious enclave we had made us feel like we were sitting on the deck of our own private house in the Cyclades.

The Area:

Ios has long been called the “Ibiza of Greece” and with some truth – during the late summer season the islands are filled with nightclubs going strong until 5-6AM, a vibrant house-music culture and visitors from all over. It goes much more beyond that – especially in the early season where the island can be appreciated for all its natural beauty and splendour.

The island has small concentrated pockets of residences while the majority of it is hilly open landscape. We took a day to explore around the island, similar to what we had done in Paros. This time we had one of the hotel staff accompany us as a guide to take us through the most picture-perfect spots on the island.

The Odysseas Elytis Theater
The Odysseas Elytis Theater

We explored the 3 main beaches on the island, including one all the way on the south side of Ios (which was our favourite). Definitely worth taking the trip up the hills to the Odysseas Elytis Theater (near where the picture above was taken). After enjoying this view, we made our way to see the Cathedral Church in the main town of Chora.

Ios was nothing like the party island of legend we’ve heard so much about – not so early in the season, but we feel that it was better this way. When the island is “in-season” it is completely overrun with party-goers and has a very different atmosphere.

Final Thoughts:

Ios surprised us more than any other island – and the Agalia Luxury Suites took that surprise to another level. Welcoming us as family and making us feel like we were the only people on the island shows how much the owners care for the quality of service of their hotel.

As a note, the hotel also operates an outdoor nightclub further up the hill from the hotel proper and while it was not yet complete, we were allowed to visit the site and take a look.

This hotel really emphasizes. the “luxury” in their name.


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